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Arcadia Beach Resort Condo Pattaya

Recently only local citizens of this exotic country have been interested in real property purchase. But last time there are a lot of capital spending projects and firms that practise of property sales. All these caused development of primary housing market in the northwest part of Indochina.

Apart from solidarity, individual convenience and prestige, real property purchase in Pattaya is profitable financial asset because you can rent your bought apartment and get profit. This is a quite rational, constant and advantageous recurring revenue for the people who can and love earn money. All the more so as property prices are on the rise in Pattaya from year to year as with the amount of new property projects.

There is a good news for everyone who willing to buy an apartment in Pattaya: the largest real estate developer in this exceptional resort represents a new project «Arcadia Beach Resort Pattaya» which is located at Thappraya Road Soi 9, South Pattaya in the heart of Pattaya most central suburban residential area. There are no high-altitude buildings and old houses there. The only private cottage settlements, small villas and snug hotels cinctures this project.

It’s quite calm and tranquilly there because essentially the Europeans live in this part of resort. It’s takes only 5 minutes to get downtown Pattaya going by cab or 10 minutes on feet. Woolking street , Bali Hai Pier, big shopping and entertainment centers are next to «Arcadia Beach Resort Pattaya». Developers are going to organize free transportation from «Arcadia Beach Resort Pattaya» to the beach and back.

So, «Arcadia Beach Resort Pattaya» comprises a selection of 4 eight storied buildings. The sum total reaches 1200 apartments, each of them is very compacted, high finished with convenient designing. Every apartment includes energy saving air conditioner, lavatories fitted out with high quality bath and toilet equipment and hot water tank, kitchen recess with ceramic electric cooker, air extraction system, cupboard and granite counter in it.

A double bed with mattress, bed-side tables, a table and chairs in dinner area, a sofa, a coffee table and even a console cabinet are there in each apartment. All these conveniences are included in apartment cost without any additional increases and percent. There is a fire safety system also in «Arcadia Beach Resort Pattaya». Although all these advantages takes place in this new project, fully furnished single-room apartment costs 1 199 000 Baht at all, that is not so expensive.

Gross Building Area of «Arcadia Beach Resort Pattaya» is 17,600 square meters that is a hallmark of this project. The best part of terrene is allocated for commercial property. There will be an Underground parking with 200 parking spaces, Shopping Arcade, Large gym and fitness center, a lot of bars and restaurants with Thai and European cuisine, day spa and 3000 square meters swimming pool on two levels. For another thing, the owners will be able to prepare barbecue or have a picnic in special equipped rest areas for it.

Expected construction of «Arcadia Beach Resort Pattaya» starts in January 2015, expected completion is expected in 2018.

Payment schedule:

  • 20,000 Baht - reservation (booking) fee;
  • 20% - contract payment (subject to reservation (booking) );
  • 40 % - 10 % six quarter payments , installment for the time of construction;
  • 40% - Key Payment " on a turnkey basis " in December 2017.


Additional payments:

  • Sinking Fund (Sinking fund) - 500 baht / sq.m. ( may be one - time payment );
  • A service charge (HCS ) (Maintenance fee) - 40 baht / sq.m. in months;
  • Installing meters on light and water at the buyer's expense is about 10 000 baht;
  • Taxes of registering ownership, 1% of the cadastral value of the apartment.




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